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  Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

In the event of a hurricane, flood, tornado, or another natural disaster, costly measures must be taken first to plan for the disruption, and then to repair damages after the disaster. These two critical phases, preparation and recovery, drive our Disaster Preparedness and Recovery practice in times of both large- and small-scale disasters for both businesses and individuals. 

Before the storm, our firm focuses on the immediate needs of businesses and individuals, though after the storm, our clients’ needs become more variable. For individuals, this could mean taking advantage of opportunities for victims of natural disasters, including state and federal aid; for businesses, recovery could mean something quite different: assessing damage, overcoming obstacles, and expecting the unexpected to resume operations as quickly as possible. Regardless of your situation, our firm’s Disaster Preparedness and Recovery practice possesses the means and experience to get your business back up and running. 

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