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National & International: Criminal Law, White Collar, Regulatory Compliance, Governmental Investigations, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Fowler Rodriguez’s Criminal Defense practice group represents corporations, executives, and individuals who are under criminal investigation or who have been charged with a criminal offense.  Our practice encompasses a broad range of federal, state, and local regulatory and criminal matters, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), RICO, health care fraud, conspiracy, mail and wire fraud, banking/financial offenses, public corruption, import and export offenses, computer crime, tax fraud, and many other violations.  Our team of attorneys represents and advises clients in connection with grand jury investigations, search warrants, government subpoenas, administrative inquiries, ethics charges, asset forfeiture, criminal trials, and criminal appeals.  Because of the long-term consequences associated with criminal convictions, it is imperative that our clients receive sound legal representation from attorneys with proven capability and success. 

Attorneys in our white collar practice group also seek to avert or limit client exposure by minimizing the possibility of government investigations or prosecutions in the first place.  Hence, we work closely and strategically with clients to create compliance programs that identify and correct potential problems before they surface and expose clients to government scrutiny or criminal liability.  A formal compliance program can also signal to law enforcement authorities that a business is acting responsibly and in good faith, which can factor prominently into sentencing decisions.

Our firm also provides confidential service of conducting internal investigations on behalf of corporate clients.  These investigations, led by a former federal prosecutor, help detect company or employee wrongdoing and can be designed to assess potential criminal liability.  We also assist clients in preparing voluntary disclosures to the government in an effort to avoid or reduce corporate exposure to criminal liability.


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