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  Environmental & Regulatory Compliance

Our client base within the environmental realm is extensive, as is our reputation both nationally and internationally for our experience handling a wide range of environmental matters. We have the resources to coordinate pollution and casualty response efforts, including cleanup, firefighting, salvage, interfacing with federal and state authorities, natural resource damages and their assessment, and other efforts to minimize client exposure.

We represent corporations and other business entities, individuals, governmental agencies, and foreign countries. We have provided counseling regarding national and international environmental requirements, pre-incident response planning, defense of enforcement actions by federal and state agencies, environmental litigation work, participation in rule making proceedings, and strategic defense of clients charged with environmental crimes. In addition, we are internationally known for our work in coordination of pollution and casualty response. 

The firm’s attorneys in this practice strive to maintain a thoroughly comprehensive grasp of all legislative, enforcement and response aspects of environmental law, and the businesses that must work within its limits.  We believe that this sets Fowler Rodriguez apart and enables our clients to address issues, move forward, and prosper.

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