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  Energy Law

A major portion of our practice arises from the exploration, production and transportation of oil, gas and related products. Our attorneys represent the interests of drilling contractors, oil and gas production companies, service companies, pipeline companies and energy, marine and liability insurers. The firm handles matters involving damage to rigs, platforms, pipelines and underground storage facilities, business risks, product liability, construction contracts and service agreements, as well as personal injury claims that result from offshore exploration.

Our experience includes litigation and dispute resolution issues relating to property loss claims, claims arising from down-hole and well-control problems, blowouts, loss of hole, loss of reservoir, deferred production, oil spill response and pollution damage. We are also able to handle matters involving energy and marine insurance, including defense and indemnity issues, coverage disputes and subrogation claims. We have successfully defended cases and pursued subrogation claims through settlement, trial and mediation.

From a business perspective, our attorneys are experienced in negotiating and developing purchase and sale agreements, assignments, subleases, farmouts, mineral leases, joint operating agreements, seismic agreements, and participation agreements. We also issue title opinions, including division order title opinions.

Our attorneys handle oil & gas financings, including negotiating, preparing and reviewing credit agreements, loan agreements, mortgages, financing statements, security agreements, UCC-1s and related instruments and issue closing opinion letters. We handle oil field liens and are experienced in litigating all matters involving secured interests. Royalty disputes and landowner claims are regularly referred to us by our clients.

Our offices are strategically located throughout the Gulf of Mexico area, which places us at the forefront for responding to a large energy related pollution incident and providing extensively experienced legal counsel for crisis management.  Our firm represented BP for the DEEPWATER HORIZON oil spill response and regulatory investigation.  We have also handled lawsuits relating to the drilling moratorium and other similar matters affecting the Gulf of Mexico.

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