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Maritime Claims Americas, Inc.


Maritime Claims-Americas, Inc. ("MCA") was established in 1997 to provide competent, coordinated and cost-effective services to the marine industry in Latin America. It offers a dramatically increased level of service over that which has previously been available in the region. Initially operating in the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Belize, MCA' LinkNetwork has expanded its claims handling services throughout Central and South America.

  • MCA LinkNetwork is listed correspondent for many Protection and Indemnity Clubs throughout Latin America
  •  The MCA LinkNetwork team is in place to assist its clients as their needs arise in    Latin America
  • MCA’s vast capacity to reach deep into the culture to suggest preventive measures and assures problem solving with swift, coordinated and cost-effective service
  • We provide P&I Correspondents, Crew Medical Management, Surveys, Investigations, PEME, Condition Reports.

MCA's goal is to prevent small problems from becoming large ones, and to contain large ones in a manner that minimizes overall liability exposure.

Our local correspondents provide rapid response when an incident occurs, accurately report the circumstances, undertake containment activity in order to minimize overall exposure, and seek a prompt and cost-effective resolution of claims. This requires individuals on the local level with the necessary "know how" to immediately investigate an incident - large or small - keeping the client fully informed from the outset of a problem's potential magnitude. In addition, our local correspondents have developed personal relationships with decision-makers in their respective countries, so that matters involving local port authorities, customs authorities, environmental agencies and police can be promptly resolved.

MCA's LinkNetwork  correspondents give clients an opportunity to react proactively to conditions in their respective countries and MCA offers its' clients a coordinated organization of non-lawyer correspondents throughout Central and South America ports, providing competent and cost-effective marine handling services.

MCA has developed an organization consisting of local non-lawyer correspondents covering all of the key ports of Latin America.

You can count on MCA's LinkNetwork new level of services.

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